15cm fan with clip + base AD 7317

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AD 7317

 There is nothing like gusts of cool air on a hot face

Wentylator 15cm z klipsem + podstawa

Are you tired of fanning? Buy a standing fan.

Fan is a very simple device, and what everyone is used for, probably knows. And yet there are websites on the internet that have real stories about this device and tips,  which fan to choose . Whether free standing fan , large as a lamp, hanging from the ceiling, medium for a cabinet, or quite tiny desk fan . There are extensive descriptions of power, speed, volume and appearance. And we speak directly Adler fan , put it wherever you want, on the floor and on the desk, and you can even attach it to the bed frame. At low cost, quickly and efficiently, cool relief on a hot day is always within reach.

Adler AD 7317 wentylator z klipsem i podstawą

How to cool off on a hot day? Turn on the fan from Adler

This  efficient fan that cools your hot body. 30 W power, angle adjustment and rotary head allow you to cool a larger area of ​​the room. Fan  stands on a solid base that keeps the windmill in a stable position without fear of tipping over. Windmill  you can use a clip to attach it in a place where there is no room for placing e.g. a headboard.  Fan AD 7317  it is light and small, 15 cm in diameter. will allow you to put it in places with small dimensions. The airflow can be selected according to your needs, weaker, softer and faster with more airflow.

Adler AD 7317 w opakowaniu firmowym

 15 cm / 6 "diameter
 Two speed levels
 Head angle adjustment
 Stable base + clip
 Power: 30 W

Wentylator 15cm z klipsem + podstawa

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