Garden grill on Q43J Trolley wheels with rotisserie spit

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Grill ogrodowy na kółkach Q43J

Choosing a grill is not so simple

There are many different types of grills available on the market. We need to think about what kind of grilling we are? From time to time, every weekend or every day of the holiday? Do we like to eat lightly or the more the better? All we need is a slice of meat, sausage and black pudding or we like to introduce new ones  BBQ dishes ? Do we like to be surrounded by the smell of burning or just the opposite? These are the basic questions that we must answer choosing a barbecue suitable for myself. To bake a slice of meat or sausage from time to time, just plain basic grill If we want to bake larger pieces of meat and even surprise guests with a grilled pizza, invest in  grill with cover (available on another page of our store). And how do we dream of grilled chicken or beautifully roasted shashlik on each side?  Barbecue grill.

Grill ogrodowy z kółkami

Why should I buy a grilled barbecue?

Barbecue grill  combines the function of a normal grill with a spit.  On such a grill skewers will be beautifully baked on all sides, the sausages do not need to be guarded, because it will turn itself to bake all sides. All you have to do at the spit  from time to time pour the dish with marinade, butter, beer or e.g. ketchup. In our grill you have a large surface to  traditional grilling,  smaller grid for heating or gentle baking and decent toasting spit.  Shelves on the sides and underneath are a great convenience for your work. Wheels will help you move the grill even when it is hot. The solid construction made of powder-coated sheet steel resistant to temperature and weather conditions guarantees durability and long life of the grill.

Grill ogrodowy Q43J trolley

 Material: metal + wood
 Powder coated
 4 levels of grate adjustment
 Polish instruction included
 Metal baking skewer
 Sheet thickness approx: 1.1mm
 Plastic wheels
 PL instruction included
 Chrome spit and grate

Grill ogrodowy Q43J grubości poszczególnych elementów

 Total dimensions: width: 86cm x height: 81.5cm depth: 41cm
 Hearth: 52 x 27 cm depth: 6 cm (powder coated)
 Chrome grate: 52 x 26 CM wire diameter: ~ 2.6mm
 Lower shelf: 53cm x 34cm
 Height of grate adjustment: 8-18cm from the bottom of the firebox
 Side shelf made of wood: 22cm x 28cm

Wymiary grila ogrodowego Q43J

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