Wireless AK + 48A keyboard and mouse set

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Is it time to change your keyboard?

Zestaw bezprzewodowy Art AK-48A

What was first? Keyboard or computer mouse?

Each of us had to deal with computer keyboard  and with the mouse, what can you say about this simple equipment that you don't know yet? About a hundred keys, usually arranged in the same way, connected by a cable  to the computer . The keys are grouped into 3 parts - function keys, alphanumeric keys and special keys.  mouse , sliding on the pad, it is two buttons and a circle. But imagine the times when  to operate a computer  there was only a keyboard and instead of one mouse movement you had to type the entire command on the keyboard. Then came the mouse, the first was a wooden, angular with one button. Then better models and everything became simpler.

Art AK-48A w opakowaniu

Does the keyboard and mouse cable limit you?

Mouse and keyboard  are inseparable parts of desktop computers. In the 90s the first was released on the market  wireless computer mouse.  And soon after  keyboard without cable . So that you can work on the computer without being tied to it.

Klawiatura bezprzewodowa plus mysz bezprzewodowa

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 Wireless set: keyboard + mouse

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