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Do you have to choose a battery? You don't know which one to choose?

Akumulator żelowy VIPOW 12V 9Ah

Gel battery, what it is and where to use

It should be ensured that the battery in our vehicle was of good quality, the most important parameters that we must pay attention to capacity . starting power  and dimensions. There are three types of batteries on the market,  gel,  lead acid and AGM. Today we will focus on gel. In this battery, the liquid electrolyte has been replaced with a gel based on sulfuric acid and silica. With these batteries the problem of fluid exchange is eliminated. Gel batteries  they are characterized by tightness (can be transported in various positions), high resistance to self discharge and do not lose anything of their properties with repeated loading and unloading. Unfortunately, they are not suitable for starting cars because of the low starting power. They are for it  ideal for all two-wheelers , and for all vehicles with a large number of electrical devices. Then they perform an auxiliary function and are used to power these devices. Akumulator żelowy VIPOW 12V 9Ah

Store power for up to 9 months in a gel battery.

Gel batteries  have a lifetime of about 12 years and can stand full for 6-9 months without recharging. They have a thick, gel electrolyte, which eliminates harmful fumes and allows you to work in any position (except upside down).

 Capacity (25 ° C)
 20 hours: 9 Ah
 Automatic discharge (25 ° C)
 Capacity after 3 months storage: 91%
 Capacity after 6 months storage: 82%
 Capacity after 9 months storage: 64%

 The effect of temperature on capacity:

 40 ° C: 102%
 25 ° C: 100%
 0 ° C: 85%
 -15 ° C: 62%


Armed mode: (25 ° C): 13.6 - 13.8 V
Cyclical work: (25 ° C): 14.5 - 14.9 V
Capacity: 9 Ah
Dimensions: 151 x 65 x 94 mm
Internal resistance: 20 mOhm (when the battery is fully charged, 25 ° C)
Initiation current: <2.7 A MAX
Tension:12 V.
Weight:2.5 kg

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