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Going camping and worried about the lack of a shower?

Prysznic turystyczny 20l solarny

Solar shower perfect for camping and trips.

Hygiene is probably a priority for everyone. And we know what camping or camping fields with a shower put out by the owner look like. Queues and a short time in the shower. Sure you can make a shower  from a plastic bottle, but for what? They are already available on the market  tourist showers . Small, lightweight, they can be packed into a bag and taken with you. You will not be limited by time or place. Shower always whenever you want. All you need is the sun and a secluded place. The design of such showers is extremely simple.  Water container with valve  and a rubber tube with a shower tip.
Prysznic ogrodowy 20l

How does a solar tourist shower work?

The water container is a sack that, if empty, can be easily rolled up and put into a backpack. It is made of black waterproof material, which is great  absorbs sun rays . The hollow is very light, only 400 grams. The bag has a handle for fixing the shower  and the handle reinforcement tube will provide stability during shower suspensions . A plastic tube with a shower tip that disperses water into droplets, which allows for a slightly longer shower. Now we will suggest how to take the first mascara. Before first use, rinse the tank, then pour warm water and pour a teaspoon of soda. Pour out. Fill it all with water and lay it on a flat surface in full sun. The sun will do what it does best, warm it up. After an hour, the water should have a temperature of about 27 degrees. After 3 hours you can  take a shower  water at a temperature of about 40 degrees

Prysznic na camping 20l

Wymiary prysznica turystecznego 20l

 20 L bag
 tube to strengthen the handle
 shower hose
 string with a hook for hanging the bag
 plug with valve to regulate water flow

Prysznic turysteczny 20l korek wpustowy i wylewka

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