Automatic charger, 5A 6V / 12V VOLT charger


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Since you are here, you have already known what it means to suddenly drain the battery.

Ładowarka 5A 6V/12V prostownik VOLT

Rectifier, what is that?

The rectifier is nothing but battery charger . Changes alternating voltage permanently. You can charge it with it Discharged battery the vehicle. The more in the electronics car and the shorter the distance we cover, the greater the chance that the car will stop because the battery refused to obey . In winter, this risk increases several times, because we know perfectly well how the negative temperatures affect the batteries. And that's why rectifier is an extremely practical device that every driver should carry with him. And what to look for when buying such a device? The most important parameters are peak, effective charging current, output voltage, and supply voltage type of battery that will be charged

Automatyczny prostownik 5A 6V/12V ładowarka

Why is an automatic charger the best choice?

This is an advanced device with many useful functions. Determines the parameters independently and on an ongoing basis. All we have to do is plug it in and press the button. The device is equipped with an electronic display that shows the current charging status. VOLT automatic charger is designed for charging 6V and 12V lead-acid car batteries. These include, among others: maintenance free VRLA batteries (AGM and GEL), acid batteries with liquid electrolyte or MF.

Prostownik automatyczny rysunek z objaśnieniem elementów
  1. 12V 0.8A- (Program 2)
  2. 12V 3.8A- (Program 3)
  3. 12V 3.8A- (Program 4)
  4. 6V 0.8A- (Program 1)
  5. Reverse polarity LED
  6. LED stand-by
  7. Charging display
  8. Capacity scale
  9. Battery voltage
  10. Program selection button (MODE)
  11. Charger
  12. Cable fasteners
  13. Network cable
  14. "+" Plus terminal (red)
  15. "-" negative terminal (black)
  16. "+" Cable for the positive terminal (red)
  17. "-" cable for negative terminal (black)
Automatyczny prostownik VOLT Polska

Contents of the package:

1 x Rectifier
2 x battery terminals
1 x user manual


Battery capacity: 6V: 1.2Ah - 12Ah max, 12V: 1.2Ah - 120Ah max
Input voltage:220 - 240 VAC ~ 50/60 Hz
Output voltage:6V / 12V
Protection class:2, IP 65 enclosures
Rated power:60W
Temperature range: storage: 0 ° C to 40 ° C

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