Dual band VHF / UHF Nagoya NL-770R antenna

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The antenna is the crown of the radio

Antena Samochodowa VHF/UHF NAGOYA NL-770R

Do you need a good antenna? Buy a Nagoya NL-770R high-end antenna

No radio will do much without an antenna. It depends on her whether this relationship will be successful. She catches the waves and lets you contact the world. That is why buying is so important the right antenna for your radio. Be a good matchmaker and provide your high-class radio  dual band mobile antenna Nagoya Nl770R.  This antenna has an extremely slim middle coil. Remember to attach it to the place intended for it. If your workplace will be in your car, make sure it has a place in the center of the roof. This is the most optimal place for this lady.

Antena Dual band VHF/UHF NAGOYA NL-770R

The Nagoya NL-770R antenna is the best among this class of antennas

It has a design that makes it easy  folding of the heater. And this solution is very convenient when, for example, parking a car in a garage. Antenna element  you can fold your hand in which direction you want, which eliminates the need to remove the antenna in such situations.
Has a locking mechanism. Pre-tuned to amateur bands. UC1 mount  allows you to attach it to all common magnetic CB antenna bases.

NAGOYA NL-770R antena dwupasmowa UHF VHF

NAGOYA NL-770R zdjęcie real


Connector:UC1-M Gain: 3.0dB / 5.5 5dB
Frequency:UHF: 430MHz-400 ~ 480 MHz + VHF: 144MHz-136 ~ 174 MHz
Impedance:50 OHM
Length:960 mm
Maximum power: 150 watts
V.s.w.r.: <1.5
Weight: 228 g

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