CB radio M-Tech LEGEND IV

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CB Radio M-Tech LEGEND IV w mikrofonie

A great solution for car users with little space to mount the radio. The base itself can be mounted in some invisible and hard to reach place, because all function buttons for operation are located in the microphone.

CB Radio samochodowe M-Tech LEGEND IV

 The radio works in the 40-channel range with 4W power. An interesting fact is the choice of five backlight colors.

Pięć kolorów podświetlenia w M-Tech LEGEND IV


 Automatic squelch (ASQ)
 Channel scanning
 Step sensitivity attenuation of the LOCAL or DX receiver
 Multistandard: PL, D, EU, DC, UK
 NB - Noise Blanker (effective interference filter) for impulse interference, industrial
 ANL - anti-interference filter permanently switched on, for interference from the car's electrical system
 Large LCD display
 Five backlight colors to choose from: red, blue, green, purple, celadon
 VOX function
 LOCK function - block all buttons on the radio
 Hi-Cut filter - limits the treble of the receiver's sound
 Fast "19" and "9"

Opakowanie M-Tech LEGEND IV

M-Tech LEGEND IV widok jednostki centralnej

M-Tech LEGEND IV zdjęcia mikrofonosłuchawki


 Radio CB M-Tech Legend IV
 Mounting bracket
 Microphone holder
 Microphone pendant and mounting screws
 Fv or receipt (warranty basis

Zdjęcie real zestawu CB Radia M-Tech LEGEND IV


Dimensions:125 x 100 x 38 mm
Exit:for an external speaker
Frequency:26,900 - 27,400 MHz
Frequency tolerance:+/- 600 Hz
Modulation:AM / FM
Nest:microphone: RJ
Power:transmitter: 4W
Power: 13.8 V
Power consumption:max 2.0A
Sensitivity:0.2uV at 12dB SINAD
Weight:0.7 kg
Working temperature:-10 degrees / + 55 degrees

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