AX Pixel Twin desk mount for two monitors / tv

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AX Pixel Twin
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This is the correct position with the computer

Uchwyt biurkowy na dwa monitory/tv AX Pixel Twin

Free desk space and monitors at eye level are provided by desk handles

We spend more and more time in front of a computer screen. And not many of us know how easily we can improve the comfort of work. In addition to a comfortable, contoured armchair, the second most important thing is the computer monitor. It should be at the right height, with the possibility of vertical and horizontal adjustment. And the solution to this problem is t monitor desktop stand . It will allow us to organize well desk space  and set up the monitor to be in the most optimal position for us. Let's choose a model that will give us the possibility of full adjustment settings, which will translate into better ergonomics.

Przykład zastosowania uchwytu AX Pixel Twin

Do you need two monitors to work?

Make yourself  AX PIXEL TWIN handle is a handle that can be attached to a desk, table or other top. On this mounting we can  put two monitors at a time . It's an extra solution for those who have to work on two computers at the same time.

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Podwójny wieszak biurkowy na dwa monitory

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