2,5T Geko G02031 hydraulic low lift

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There are many different types of lifts on the market, the choice depends on what it will be used for.

Podnośnik hydrauliczny niski 2,5T Geko G02031

A simple tool to facilitate work on the car.

Most  hydraulic jacks  are devices that work on the same principle. arm, on the hydraulic cylinder . you pick up the car  to the right height. To leave the car back, you need to open the valve through which fluid will flow into the tank. "Frog" is the common name of the most  universal hydraulic jack . They work literally everywhere, both in the workshop and in the home garage. It is fast, strong and easily slides thanks to the metal wheels mounted, it can be set anywhere under the car  and effortlessly pick up the car.

Podnośnik niskoprofilowy Geko G02031

'Żaba' low profile driveway

2.5T Geko G02031 work platform  made of thick, rolled steel sheet, rigid and durable. It weighs 14 kg. Equipped with wheels, metal front and rear, ball-bearing and swivel. It has a safety valve integrated with the drain valve. Low profile  to use  for cars with low suspension , sports and tuned.  Load capacity this lift is 2500 kg. minimum lifting height: 80 mm. maximum lifting up to 365 mm. It has a 360 ° swivel head and it simplifies significantly  lift operation.

Podnośnik Geko G02031 widok z kilku stron

 Kit Contents:
 2.5 ton low profile lift
 500 mm long lifting handle

Geko G02031 Niskoprofilowy podnośnik hydrauliczny do 2,5 tony

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