Universal Blow US-13 car holder with USB charger

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Phone holder with charging function

Uchwyt uniwersalny samochodowy Blow US-13 z USB

Holds and charges

The fact that the phone is very useful when traveling by car probably no one doubts.  navigation , tracking route, finding a hotel and many other useful functions we have on our smartphones. We know that  phone holders increase our safety behind the wheel. There is no risk of the phone falling out of your hand or a ticket for conducting a conversation while driving. And conversations can be conducted using a speakerphone. But, unfortunately, the working phone is consuming energy at an alarming rate. And sometimes in the middle of travel it turns out that the battery is empty.

Blow US-13 widok w samochodzie

Extremely useful charging function in the phone holder

Uchwyt na smartfona Blow US-13 widok ładowarki USB

Description in a nutshell:

Universal car holder Blow US-13  with shoulder spacing adjustment

 With this option, the handle will match  each phone model  mobile
 Connector  power from the lighter  car
 Anti-slip insert
 Comfortable and easy to use
 Flexible arm
 Ideal for many devices including smartphones, gps navigation, MP3 / MP4 players

Zdjęcie zestawu Blow US-13


Bracket spaces:108-135 mm / 45-70 mm
Execution:ABS / PVC
Input voltage: 12-24 V DC
Length: arm: approximately 140 mm
Output voltage:5V DC
Rotation: in the range of 360 °
Size of the package: 115x75x248 (283) mm

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