CREE L76B LED headlamp


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The biggest advantage of a headlamp? He releases your hands.

Latarka czołowa LED CREE L76B

For runner, fisherman, driver, spearheader, mountaineer ...

We will talk here about headlamp . Few remember about it when buying a flashlight, and yet it is definitely more functional than a regular hand lantern. How many times have you missed your third hand, when you checked the traffic jams in the basement or on a walking trip you had to read the map in the dark ... Countless situations on our way, when you could use  source of light your hands not involved. We have already got used to the sight of a fitter, miner, electrician or fireman with a flashlight on his forehead, but the headlamps have already come out of a closed circle of specialists. Wherever you need lighting and free hands are necessary.

Latarka nagłowna LED

See how much simpler some activities will be

if  Do you like to run you know how bad it runs after dark, because there are no obstacles on the road and you know how uncomfortable it is to hold anything in your hand during the run. If you are an angler, you know that fish take them best after dark and  headlamp  is a must have in your equipment. There are many other areas or situations where a headlamp finds its fans. Inexpensive, comfortable, solid, that's it  CREE L76B LED flashlight


Material:Durable plastic
Operating mode:continuous light
Power:3xAAA batteries not included
Slope angle:adjustable

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