Media-Tech MT4095 Endoscope, USB camera 5m cable


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Look where your eyesight doesn't reach

Media-Tech MT4095 Endoskop 5 metrów

Camera on a cable, i.e. an industrial endoscope

Most of us associate the word endoscope with medical examination a webcam on the cable  she is known to them only from action movies. And yet such endoscope  it's an extremely useful thing, it allows you to observe things that are hidden from our eyes in hard to reach places. Thanks to the webcam on the cable, we can check the interior of the engine, look into the ventilation or water ducts. And even in such prosaic activities as looking for a screw that rolled maliciously in the darkest nook under the wardrobe, the cam will help us.

Opakowanie producenta Media-Tech MT4095

The endoscope in practice:

 faster we will locate rust  or other damage in pipes and ducts, in buildings and in vehicles. Where precision matters, i.e. laboratories, car workshops, construction, bee breeding, etc. the endoscope is irreplaceable . Easy control and observation of all types of ventilation, electrical, car or sewage installations.

Wykorzystanie endoskopu Media-Tech MT4095 do penetracji kanalizacji

We recommend an endoscope on a durable 5 meter cable

Cable cam  (or endoscope or inspection camera) is waterproof, so we'll look everywhere, even under water. The flexible and durable cable has a length of up to 5 meters. Connecting via USB is easy and provides great real-time preview on your computer or phone screen.

Endoskop Media-Tech MT4095 z oświetleniem led

 The camera also has a dimmed light in the form of four LEDs, which makes it much easier observation in places without lighting.

Zaglądnij do silnika kamerą na kablu Media-Tech MT4095

Such a webcam will allow you to work accurately and precisely, will enable fast locating damage  or finds lost.

Kamera Media-Tech MT4095 z zestawem akcesoriów

 The camera is fully waterproof IP67

Podłączanie endoskopu Media-Tech MT4095 do komputera i smartfona

The camera angle of view is 66 degrees.

Uniwersalne końcówki i akcesoria podłączane do endoskopu

There are many uses of the endoscope. Given its low purchase cost, it's worth having it in a drawer.

Zawartość opakowania Media-Tech MT4095


Angle of view: 66 °
Backlight: 6 x LED
Compatibility:Windows Vista / 7/8/10 32-64bit, Android from 4.4
Camera diameter: 5,5mm
Equipment:hook, magnet, mirror
Interface: micro USB + USB to A adapter
Light adjustment:YES
Resolution:640x480 pts 30k / s
Working temperature: 0-70 ° C

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