KIDDE 5DCO carbon monoxide sensor with LCD display

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You can't feel, can't see or hear

Alarm czadu Kidde 5DCO

KIDDE 5DCO carbon monoxide sensor for your peaceful sleep

Even very short breath of air in which there is chad , may result in damage to the nervous and cardiovascular systems. At  carbon monoxide poisoning  headache and nausea very quickly appear, followed by vomiting and apnea. And as a result death can occur. Carbon monoxide sensors are necessary wherever we have stoves, junkers or fireplaces.
And how to choose a good smoke detector?

It should be noted that this would be a brand product manufactured in accordance with the EN50291-1: 2010 standard applicable in the European Union and Poland for domestic carbon monoxide detectors. The sensor should have audible and visual signaling of exceeding the permissible CO threshold.

Czujnik tlenku węgla KIDDE 5DCO w opakowaniu handlowym

Where not to install carbon monoxide sensors?

Sensors are not installed in places exposed to dust, dirt, grease or household chemicals. We do not hang in rooms where the temperature drops below 0 ° C or rises above 40 ° C. Carbon monoxide sensors should hang  further than 1.8 m from devices that may be a source of CO. The proximity of fireplace grilles, flues, chimneys or ventilation openings with forced / gravitational air flow is not a good company for the device. Near ceiling fans, supply air grilles, doors, windows and wherever there may be draft. We should not mount the sensor in so-called "dead areas" (e.g. in the upper part of the ceiling with an oblique vault or in the top of a gable roof). Nor in places where it can be obstructed by furniture, curtains or other objects that may block free access of air to the sensor .

Baterie AA oraz kołki rozporowe w zestawie z KIDDE 5DCO

Does this sensor meet all standards?

Kidde 5DCO sensor , is used for continuous observation of rooms exposed to carbon monoxide evolution. We see the current display every 15 seconds on the readable LCD display  carbon monoxide concentration level  in the range from 0 to 999 PPM. The sensor has an additional visual signaling in the form of a red LED and sound signaling in the form of a pulsating audible alarm with a strength of 85dB. The alarm is activated when the harmful gas norm is exceeded. The device has a built-in Test Reset button that allows you to check the correct operation. The KIDDE 5DCO sensor has battery power supply which is the surest solution, the sensor also works in the event of a power outage in the power grid. The device will inform us if you need to replace the battery and remind you after 7 years to replace the sensor with a new one.
The device has a certificate  :
 PN-EN 50291-1: 2010 for home carbon monoxide detectors.
This certificate defines the indication parameters and alarm limits of the sensor:
- 30 PPM - no alarm before 120 minutes.
- 50 PPM - must alert within 60-90 min.
- 100 PPM - must alert within 10-40 min.
- 300 PPM - must alert within 3 min


Additional functions:audible alarm signaling 85dB, TestiReset button, signaling sensor failure, battery replacement and end of life
Dimensions:118 x 70 x 40mm
Memory:storage of the peak sensor, detected CO concentration in the memory
Operation:simple and intuitive
Relative humidity:up to 90% RH, no condensation
Storage temperature:-10 ... + 60 ° C
Sensor: electrochemical
Screen: LCD
Weight: (with batteries) 160g
Working temperature:0 + ... + 40 ° C

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