Powermat PM-APS-500S self-darkening welding mask


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Ghost Rider's appearance, Iron Man's safety - it's a Powermat helmet

Maska Powermat PM-APS-500S

A self-darkening mask is safety and convenience.

Welding masks  are divided into passive and active. Today we will get acquainted with the latter, much more convenient to use.  Self-darkening helmet  it has a glass installed, which will darken under the influence of light, which gives us the freedom to operate our hands, because we do not have to think about raising or lowering the glass depending on the need.

Powermat PM-APS-500S Maska spawalnicza

 Since we decided that  active visor is the best choice for us, let's make sure that this copy is light, let's check  reaction time to light  and does it have e.g. adjustable sensitivity level  for lighting, an important feature is also delay function . It is useful at  welding  different types of material. Welding mask PM-APS-500S  has all these features and in addition its appearance says "See what fire I weld."

Maska Powermat PM-APS-500S samościemniająca

Dimming is not good unless you are welding

Powermat  offers a helmet powered by batteries charging with photovoltaic cells (do not require replacement) complete with filter covers (external and internal).

Powermat PM-APS-500S samościemniająca przyłbica

 It is designed to work during welding methods such as:
 MAG / CO2
 Submerged arc welding (SAW)
 Plasma welding (PAW)
 Plasma cutting (PAC)
 TIG welding (low current) is possible from ≥10A (DC) / ≥10A (AC

Powermat PM-APS-500S przyłbica spawalnicza

Maska do spawania Powermat PM-APS-500S

 2x filter cover included (external and internal).

Powermat PM-APS-500S + dwa filtry

 Original packaging, fv or receipt (warranty basis).

Powermat PM-APS-500S oryginalne opakowanie


Disable / enable: fully automatic
Filter dimensions:110x90x9 mm
Field of view:100x59,5mm
Face protection acc. standards:EN175, eyes: EN379 1/2/1
Level of security:in the dark state: 9-13 DIN
Lighting status: 4 DIN
Power:solar battery + lithium-ion cell
Response time:(Lightening - Darkening): 1/25000 sec, (Darkening - Lightening): 0.1 - 1.0s (Adjustable knob)
Sensitivity adjustment:Smooth adjustment
Uv / ir protection:up to 16 DIN
Weight: 490 g
Working temperature:10 degrees to + 55 degrees

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