Descon DA-T201 fan heater. Level and vertical

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Descon Da-T20 fan heater. Why is it worth:

- device with 2-stage heating level (cold, hot and warm air)

- smooth and convenient temperature control

- the built-in thermostat protects against overheating and thus damage to the device,

- the fan heater turns off automatically when the desired room temperature is reached

- The hot-cold mode means that you can use it all year round

- Low price and high efficiency

Descon DA-T201

The device is intended for home use. All-year-round - heats and cools depending on the needs.

Termowentylator Descon DA-T201 BOX

It can work in both horizontal and vertical positions. The Descon Da-T20 fan heater is equipped with a comfortable one thermostat , used for automatic temperature control and ensuring full protection against overheating. A convenient knob allows you to set the desired temperature in the room - when the desired level is reached, the device automatically turns off, saving energy, and then turns on when the temperature drops below the expected level again.

Termowentylator Descon DA-T201 poziomo i pionowo

Dokumentacja Descon DA-T201

Łatwa obsługa termowentylatora Descon DA-T201

The packaging contains the device, instruction manual and manufacturer's warranty.

Termowentylator Descon DA-T201 grzejnik, farelka

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