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Do you love curls?

Camry CR 2021 Lokówka-suszarka

Why a curling brush?

For all busy women, for working women, for those who don't like wasting time, for everyone who saves their time, it's the perfect choice. Two in one -  curling iron , works great with both long and short hair. Such equipment  you will consolidate natural curls , but you also wind straight hair, lift at the roots and  give them volume . Time spent on hair style  shortens maximum, because at the same time you dry and curl your hair. It's a great gift for your hair or a gift for a loved one.

Camry CR 2021 Doskonały wybór dla damy

Which curler dryer should you choose? ? We'll suggest what to look for when buying this equipment.

Camry CR 2021 Opakowanie

What to look for when buying a curler dryer?

The magic lies in the choice of tips. Thick ends with protruding wires will create  natural thicker waves.  However, these thinner tips are responsible for  creating elastic curls . The power of the dryer is also an important matter, it depends on the strength of the airflow. AND adjustment of airflow strength  it is useful for people who have thin hair and are susceptible to damage, so that the action of the curler dryer does not worsen the condition of the hair, choose one that has a regulation of the air flow, the next thing in the dryer is whether  the brushes are rotatable , because it greatly facilitates operating the curler.

Camry CR 2021 suszarka z 2 wymiennymi szczotkami różnej wielkości

 Camry curler dryer CR 2021 has all the features of a functional curling brush dryer. 2 interchangeable brushes of different sizes will allow you to choose the thickness of the curls.

Camry CR 2021 1000W

 Comfortable thanks to the swivel cord connection and a special hanging loop.

Camry CR 2021 wygodna lokówko-suszarka

Thanks to 3 levels of temperature and 1000W power setting, they allow fix the curl twist  or create new ones even on fairly straight hair.

Camry CR 2021 wygodna lokówko-suszarka z obrotową szczotką

lokówko-suszarka Camry CR 2021 3 ustawienia temperatury


Brush:2 rotary
Power cord:rotary
Switch: turns right and left
Working temperature: Uniform brush surface temperature, 3 temperature settings
Inflated:Cold, 2 strength levels

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