Hammock single-seat ISO1 seat

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Rocking is good for everything

Warning!  - The real photos below show the actual color of the seat material.

Hamak ogrodowy, siedzisko

In such a hanging seat relaxation will come quickly

Who among us does not  he likes to swing  hand up? And who among us does not like to sit comfortably and gently sway? Such a seat  this  small hammock  combining all the advantages of a hammock combined with the mobility of a small seat. It can be easily packaged and taken anywhere. On the spot, simply knock the nail in and hang where you want, all you need is a branch, beam or door frame. Then just sit back, start swaying and relaxation will begin. Such hanging chair  it works great not only in the garden or yard, it also perfectly fits onto a terrace or balcony or even a rest room.

Materiał siedziska ogrodowego

Garden hammock - a chair with strings

Big  hammocks  on metal frames they not only need a lot of space, they are usually bulky and difficult to transport. This hanging chair  easy to roll up and pack. After hanging it does not take up much space and allows you to take various positions most convenient for us. The material from which it is made is a natural cotton material, it is soft and pleasant to the touch, in fabulous colors. It guarantees us high air permeability, which gives comfort of rest. seat  comfortable because they were filled with soft plastic. We can easily wash the material by hand, just remember to dry it well before putting it on.

Siedzisko ogrodowe wiszące

 The whole frame is made of decent wood, thanks to which the whole is stable and light.

Hamak, siedzisko ogrodowe jerdnozaczepowe


Material:thick cotton with an admixture of polyester with a soft filling
Washing: can be washed by hand (dry well)

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Super sprawa . Gorąco polecam ,mam jeden i myślę o zakupie drugiego .


Szkoda, że w opisie jest masa niepotrzebnych informacji typu "do czego siedzisko służy", a nikt nie uznał za stosowne wpisać krótkiej informacji tzn. jaki jest udźwig.