Machine ADLER AD 2823 Hair clipper for animals


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Every dog ​​owner would like his dog to have a stunning hairstyle

Strzyżarka dla zwierząt ADLER AD 2823

You have to take care of your pet's hair regularly and the most important thing is proper haircut

Not every city has professional hairdressers for dogs. But every owner wants his the dog had beautiful and groomed coat . Washing and combing is not enough hair , especially of some breeds, should be sheared regularly. And for all those who do not have a groom as a neighbor and their dogs need regular styling hair clippers.

Strzyżarki  are different, let's choose one that fits perfectly in your hand and allows for haircut regulation.  Not all breeds are good with bald glaciers. The hair clipper should also be relatively quiet, why stress the animal additionally?

Strzyżarka dla zwierząt ADLER AD 2823

The best animal hair clipper is Adler's machine

Create a model from your friend.  Machine ADLER AD 2823  will help you in this. It has been equipped with a head that is made of durable titanium ensuring trouble-free operation for a very long time. Ceramic blade is a precise and fast haircut. AND  cutting length adjustment will allow you to conjure up your pet's perfect hairstyle. High-speed 35W motor will ensure quiet and comfortable operation at styling hairstyles.

Strzyżarka dla zwierząt ADLER AD 2823

Strzyżarka dla zwierząt ADLER AD 2823


Equipment: 4 comb attachments: 3, 6, 9, 12 mm, additional battery, brush, oil and power supply

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polecam nie tnie się i bardzo dobrze sobie radzi z gęstą sierścią




polecam mój kundelek ma długą sierść a maszynka dała radę!