Connector for 10mm RGB LED strips type L 4863

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If you want to connect RGB LED strips and mount them in a corner in an aesthetic, durable and solid way, use the corner connector. Thanks to it, the tapes will adhere exactly to the corners. Corner connector for RGB LED strips simplifies assembly and makes the strips look aesthetically pleasing.

Konektor L do taśm LED RGB

How does the connector for 10 mm RGB LED strips work?

To connect the LED strips, it is necessary to use a soldering iron. The connectors are marked with +, R, G, B - they should be connected with the same markings on the tape.

Letter abbreviations, both on the connector and the tape, mean the names of the diode colors: Red (red), Green (green), Blue (blue). After starting the LED strip, it can give light in white, green, red, blue, and in other interesting colors.

The connector fits tapes with a width of 10 millimeters. The connector type is L 4863.

Konektor L do taśm LED RGB

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