Welder for PE, PP, PB pipes. 1500W Dedra DED7514

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In a few seconds tightly connected pipes

Dedra DED7514 Zgrzewarka do rur

Welding pipes has never been easier

There is nothing like a plastic pipe, it will not rust, it is flexible, easy to install, cheap, smooth ... So since you have decided to lay such an installation and you want to become the hero of your home, you must buy  pipe welding machine . It's an investment that will pay you back quickly, self welding  it's not difficult, so why pay for labor? Using this tool you will connect pipes  quickly and without any risk of leakage. When shopping, make sure that the set contains at least a few fittings and an extremely useful function, which it is  temperature control . The time and temperature of heating depend on the thickness of the tubes and the composition of the material from which they were made.

Dedra DED7514 Zgrzewarka do rur

Professional pipe welding kit

Dedra DED7514 Zgrzewarka do rur

 Everything you can expect from a pipe welding machine is offered by Dedra in the form and DED7514 . It's professional set in a metal case.  It gives advice to PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), PB (polybutane) pipes.

 In the set you get:
 DED7514 welding machine
 7 adapters: 63.50,40,32,25,20,16 mm
 Pipe shears
 Metal suitcase
 Instruction and fv or receipt (warranty basis)

Dedra DED7514 Zgrzewarka do rur

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