Water heater with CHROM Dafi IPX5 3.7kW battery

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Dafi IPX5 it's a convenient and safe way about b for DHW heating. Thanks to installation close to the water intake point, waiting time for hot water is minimal. Water does not lose heat flowing in pipes, and the consumption of electricity to heat it relatively decreases, making the presented device economical and efficient. Water heating takes place only after unscrewing the valve knob, thanks to which full control of the device operation is possible.

Ogrzewacz wody Dafi

You decide when and how much water you want to heat!

Ogrzewacz wody Dafi


- equipment designed for installation over a sink,

- supplies hot water to one water intake point (sink),

- mounting from with battery ą and spout (included),

- device made of recyclable plastic,

- white plastic spout with Easy Clean aerator,

Ogrzewacz wody Dafi

The product is intended for heating water in places that do not have access to central heating, including plots, gardens, garages or campsites.

Ogrzewacz wody Dafi

Ogrzewacz wody Dafi

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