LED zoom L76 headlamp


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Latarka czołowa LED

Do you live actively and need equipment that will keep up with you? Are you looking for a headlamp that works even in the most extreme conditions? The LED headlamp L76 offered by us will be the best choice for you. Why?

Latarka czołowa LED

First of all, it is extremely universal. Works great both at home and in the field. It will be a great choice for campers, DIY enthusiasts, anglers, hunters, cyclists and spearheads. The number of potential applications of a headlamp is almost unlimited!

Latarka czołowa LED

Secondly, it is distinguished by the highest quality of workmanship. Thanks to the use of high quality plastic, the flashlight is both light and extremely durable. The soft, adjustable headband adheres perfectly to the skin, without slipping even during sudden movements.

Latarka czołowa LED

Third, it provides excellent visibility. The headlamp is equipped with reliable LEDs that not only provide excellent lighting, but also stand out with very low energy consumption.

The LED L76 headlamp is powered by three AAA batteries (not included). To enjoy the full potential of the equipment we offer for a long time, we recommend using it with alkaline batteries (available in our store).


Operating mode: bright continuous / optimal / flashing
Power: 3 x 1.5V AAA (not included)

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