LCD 23-42 Opticum AX Strong Rapid LCD holder

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AX Strong Rapid

What has to hang ... Can not stand

Uchwyt ścienny na telewizor

Which TV mount should you choose?

We buy a TV , we bring home, unpack, pull out TV receiver , cables, remote control and now. In the carton we will not find an idea how and where to mount our TV. We can put it on the cabinet, if we have space on it, but we can hang it on the wall, on which we do not hide, it will look much better. Why? Hang the TV on the wall  allow us more freedom in arranging the space under the TV, hanged TV takes up less space and it is much more comfortable to watch. And if you have children or a large dog, then the fear of accidentally knocking our treasure out of the cabinet will disappear.

Wieszak na telewizor

What to look for when choosing a TV mount

TV hangers  (like TVs) have standardized mounts. This standard is called VESA . It makes it easy  purchase of a handle because it's virtually impossible to buy the wrong one. There are several types of VESA standard. They differ in the spacing of the mounting holes on the back of the TV, and information about  what standard was used in our TV , we will find in the technical specification of the device.  AX Strong Rapid universal handle  allows you to mount TV sets PLASMA / LCD / LED  23 "-42". The hanger combines reliability, ease of installation and durability.

Uchwyt LCD Opticum Strong Rapid


 - Mounting standard: VESA 400X400
 - TV size in inches: 23 "-42"
 - Load capacity: 50 kg (110 lbs)
 - Tilt angle: -10` to 0`
 - Built-in spirit level
 - Black colour
 - Mounting accessories included

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