KEMOT PROsinus-700 emergency power source


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What will save you in an emergency?

KEMOT PROsinus-500

What does emergency power mean?

Every day, we do not think too much about how addicted we are to electricity. Only at the moment  power failure  it turns out how much depends on the power supply in our home. The router is down , the heating stops working, the fridge defrosts, there is no hot water, the garage gate cannot be opened. But it is not only the impossibility of certain actions that is troublesome, such power shortages can also result in damage to electronic equipment. And it is precisely to prevent such situations emergency power supply . Such emergency power supply system  is a set of devices or a single device that protects our selected receivers  against interference from electrical networks.

KEMOT PROsinus-500

What backup device do you recommend?

recommend  KEMOT PROsinus series  these devices are perfect for supplying e.g. central heating pumps or pumps in fireplace installations, for induction motors or e.g. automatic devices for installations using heat convectors as well as any devices extremely sensitive to even the smallest ones  voltage shape changes.  The advantage of these devices is the pure sinusoidal waveform of the output voltage, and this ensures operation that prevents the effect of overheating of all induction loads.

KEMOT PROsinus-500

 - Emergency power supply to furnaces
 - RTV devices (televisions, tuners, hi-fi, dvd)
 - Household appliances (refrigerators, blenders)
 - Power tools (drills, grinders)
 - Chargers power supply (smartphones, tablets, telephones, laptops, gps)
 - Pumps, compressors (water, heat, air conditioners)
 - Office equipment (faxes, computers, monitors)
 - Other devices with a power supply up to 500 W in continuous operation (700 W MAX on impulse)

KEMOT PROsinus-500

 - Overload protection
 - Short circuit protection
 - Overvoltage protection
 - Undervoltage protection

KEMOT PROsinus-500

 The device can work in three modes:
 - As an emergency power source with charging function - converts 12V DC voltage supplied from an external battery to 230V AC alternating voltage and recharges the external battery
 - As a rectifier - recharges the external battery
 - As a converter - converts DC 12V DC from the battery to AC 230V

 Icons on the display of the KEMOT PROsinus-700 emergency power source:

 - 230 VAC power supply
 - input voltage indicator
 - output voltage indicator
 - load level
 - Red icon is overload
 - the blue icon is work at the permissible load
 - battery level indicator
 - battery mode operation
 - device malfunction
 - device overheating
 - too high voltage
 -voltage too low


Battery charging current:10 A max
Battery voltage:max 15 V DC
Battery:12 V DC
Dimensions: 14.5 x 18 x 34 cm
Input voltage:180 ~ 275 V AC
Input frequency:45 ~ 60 Hz
Output voltage:230 V AC +/- 8%
Output efficiency: > = 85% (DC to AC)
Output frequency:50/60 Hz +/- 0.5 Hz
Relative humidity:10 - 90%
Rated power: 700 watts
Security:Before overload, short circuit, too high or too low voltage
Shape of output voltage: Pure sine wave
Switching time: <= 4 ms
Weight:6.95 kg
Working temperature: 0-40 ° C

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