BLOW PR-160 network extension cord 3x1,5mm 30m

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What is a network extension cable? Electric extension cord , is a section of the electric wire that has a power plug on one side and a socket or group of sockets on the other. Used to increase the cable range between the stationary electrical outlet and the device consuming electricity. We share extension cords  in terms of several criteria e.g.

 Due to the purpose:

 - for home / office purposes
 - for supplying computer devices (with interference / overvoltage filters)
 - for industrial purposes
 - garden
 - construction

 According to the number of veins:

 - Two-core (without grounding)
 - Three-core (single phase, with earthing)
 - Five-wire (three-phase, with earthing)

 According to the construction of the extension cord:

 - Simple (with one socket)
 - Strip (with socket group)
 - Drum (rolled)

Przedłużacz sieciowy BLOW
What extension cord do you need? As it should be  choose the appropriate electric extension cord  for home use? First of all, you need to answer a few questions: What power should the device connect to the extension cord? ? How many devices will we connect? What will it be distance between the socket and the device ? Under what conditions will the extension cord work? Usually extension cables with wire cross-sections smaller than 1.5 mm2 are sufficient at home. For example, a 1.0 mm2 cable will allow us to securely connect electrical devices with a total power of up to 2300 W, while a 1.5 mm2 cable will allow you to safely connect electrical devices with a total power of up to 3500 W. Remember that it is advisable to distance between the socket and the device to be connected  did not exceed 50 mb. 30 meter network extension cord by Blow  has grounding.


Cable section:Three veins with a cross-section of 1.5mm
Length:30 meters

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