Blow 32-777 Bluetooth 4.1 Sport-Fit headphones

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BLOW 32-777 Słuchawki Bluetooth 4.1

Can wireless earphones be stereo?

If you are looking wireless headphones , small, well-fitting to the ear, playing in stereo and additionally with the possibility of shifting the order of the music played, you hit very well. We have a small here for you, but  with great power headphones . Perfect for all active people. If you actively play sports, they will become necessary. The only thing you will involve your hands using these headphones is to move or rewind the song you are currently listening to. Blow designed perfect headphones , if you put them on, you won't choose any more.

BLOW 32-777 Słuchawki Bluetooth 4.1

I actively play sport, what wireless headphones should I choose?

Blow headphones 32-777 Bluetooth 4.1 Sport-Fit are headphones designed especially for all active sports. Are very well contoured so they stick perfectly in your ear. They play in stereo  thanks A2DP  (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) this function enables the transmission of stereo audio signals. An additional feature that distinguishes these headphones from many others is AVRCP  (Audio / Video Remote Control Profile) - it is used to send commands (e.g. skip forward, pause, play).

BLOW 32-777 Słuchawki Bluetooth 4.1

 Headphone features:
 - ideal for athletes
 - additional earbuds
 - emit sound adapted to human hearing
 - convenient control

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