DCB GreenBlue GB521B wireless weather station

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Do you like to be up to date?

Bezprzewodowa stacja pogodowa GreenBlue GB521B

Four-in-one weather station

It's good to know what is the weather outside what temperature we have at home and whether humidity is good for us. Sometimes we forget what date we have today and then a hint is useful. Now you can have it in one device. All we have to do is look at the display and we immediately see what humidity we have  around? What is the current date?  What's the weather  outside and do you want to heat the house? And that's why it's worth having at home weather stations .

Bezprzewodowa stacja pogodowa GreenBlue GB521B

 If you don't know which one to decide, which features will be the best? Then we invite you to familiarize yourself with wireless weather station  DCF  GreenBlue  GB521B.

Bezprzewodowa stacja pogodowa GreenBlue GB521B

 Set contains:
 - GREENBLUE GB521B weather station
 - Original packaging
 - Outdoor sensor with a range of 60 meters
 - Original power supply
 - User manual in Polish
 - Proof of purchase (warranty basis)

Bezprzewodowa stacja pogodowa GreenBlue GB521B

What functions does the GreenBlue GB521B weather station have?

Taj like most of all weather stations wireless weather station  DCF GreenBlue GB521B reports inside temperature measurement  and outside the room. This external one is possible thanks to a special wireless sensor. Remember to place such a sensor about 2 meters above the ground, and do not expose it to direct sunlight. The DCF GreenBlue GB521B weather station on the display will not only show us the temperature outside, on a large easy to read display you can see the temperature inside the room , current date and time. We can also check what humidity there is around.

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