Powermat PM-SS-1500 bench grinder

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Szlifierka stołowa 150mm 1500W

Powerful table grinder for home use. Vibration-free operation, precision grinding, quality of workmanship ensures long life of the device. The grinder is equipped with a metal casing, adjustable attachments, sparks protection. The Powermat PM-SS-1500 table grinder is a device that will be useful in every home and home workshop.

Powermat PM-SS-1500

 This model is designed for dry work in the field of grinding, sharpening and cleaning various types of cutting tools, knives, bits, metal parts, wrenches, and other tools and objects.

Powermat PM-SS-1500 widok z boku

Szlifierka stołowa Powermat PM-SS-1500


 bench grinder
 2x 200mm grinding stone
 protective covers
 PL instruction

Powermat PM-SS-1500 szlifierka na wasserman.eu z kamieniami w zestawie


Dimensions: grinding stone: 150 x 16 x 12.7mm
Power:230V / ~ 50Hz
Power: 1500W max
Turnover:no load: 2950 rpm / min.

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