Promedix PR-800 inhaler. Nebulizer kit, masks, filters

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Inhalations and inhalations are methods of treating and preventing upper respiratory tract diseases.

Inhalator Promedix PR-800

The effect of the drug is faster and the side effects are minimized

puffs  is a treatment method involving  inhalation of drug solutions  using a special camera. The most important purpose of inhalation is to improve the function of the mucosa, anti-inflammatory and  antiallergic.  Down  inhalation drugs that facilitate expectoration and bronchodilators are used.  Promedix PR-800 inhaler to nebulize and inhale it  medical device  intended primarily for respiratory therapy , both allergies and infections.  He sprays the medicine  in the form of mist, which we breathe in through the mouthpiece or, if we prefer, through the mask. It can be used not only by adults, its parameters have been selected so that it is also great for children. Inhalers are not only useful for treatment, but they are great  prevention tool.  Healthy people can use  nebulizer  several times a week, saline solution is sufficient and inhalation will provide nasal and throat mucosa adequate hydration  which will make it more so  resistant to infection .

Inhalator Promedix PR-800

 Advantages of using Promedix:
 The action of the drug is faster.
 Side effects of the drug are minimized.
 The amount of medicine needed for treatment is much smaller.
 Increase mucus secretion
 They stimulate the ciliary shutter movement in the mucosa
 They relax respiratory secretions and facilitate expectoration
 They have a soothing effect
 They have a stimulating effect
 They irrigate the body
 Regenerate the shutter epithelium in the upper respiratory tract

Inhalator Promedix PR-800

 Indications for aerosol therapy:

 Upper respiratory tract:
 Allergic rhinitis
 Inflammation of the tonsils
 Chronic rhinitis and throat
 Inflammation of the nose, throat, larynx with purulent and mucous secretions
 Inflammation of the lateral sinuses of the nose
 Chronic laryngitis
 Mycoses of the oral cavity
 Throat and larynx fungi
 Recurrent bronchitis,
 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
 Bronchial asthma

Inhalator Promedix PR-800

 Contraindications to aerosol therapy:
 Conditions requiring surgery for the nose and larynx
 Acute inflammation of the nose, throat, larynx, which is accompanied by increased temperature
 Chronic purulent sinusitis of the nose and tonsils
 In patients with additional signs of circulatory failure and respiratory failure
 Respiratory bleeding severe circulatory failure
 Respiratory failure

Inhalator Promedix PR-800


Dimensions: 280 x 178 x 100 mm
Flow range: > 8 L / min (during operation)
Power:AC 230V 50Hz
Weight:2.1 kg
Working temperature:10-40 C.

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