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Wahl Clip Trim

And you can become a cutting master

Maszynka do strzyżenia Wahl Clip Trim

Self-cutting can be straightforward with the Wahl Clip Trim

Long hair, precise hair-styling and hairstyle require craftsmanship and ability, but if you have short hair and only need regular trimming then you don't have to expose yourself to high costs and waiting in a hair salon. Just buy  good hair clipper . Such machines are not only useful for shortening hair  on your head will also help you keep your mustache and beard in order. What to follow choosing a hair clipper ? First of all, the razor blades are important, they should be of solid carbon steel, it is a guarantee of good and precise cutting. The clipper's functionality also improves the ability to adjust the length of your hair.

Maszynka do strzyżenia Wahl Clip Trim

Which hair clipper should you choose from many models available?

In the vast majority of machines, change cutting length  is done by extending the comb only some models have an additional length adjustment system, which is a knob or lever located on the handle of the razor. Them more comb tips  the machine will be more precise. Wahl Clip Trim clipper  are high quality carbon steel blades, ground to maintain sharpness for a long time. The machine has an adjustment lever that allows you to set several cutting lengths. This particular machine not only shorten your head hair , but also you will align the line ear cuts  or gently you shape your eyebrows.

Maszynka do strzyżenia Wahl Clip Trim

 - Wired hair clipper
 - 9 comb tips (1.5, 3, 6, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22 and 25 mm)
 - Left and right ear comb tips
 - Ear and eyebrow guide
 - 2 combs
 - Scissors
 - Cleaning brush
 - Blade oil
 - Blade cover
 - Instructions PL
 - Fv or receipt (warranty basis)

Maszynka do strzyżenia Wahl Clip Trim


Colour: Black and red
Tension:220 - 240 V

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