Extension cable 50m, 4 sockets, IP44 Kemot URZ3122

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Too far to the nest?

Przedłużacz 50m bęben 4 gniazda, IP44

Which reel extension should I choose?

Sometimes we have  power access problem but there is one simple and reliable way to do it.  Purchase of a drum extension . It is a great alternative during renovation, gardening or construction. Why are these reels the best? these extension cords,  they have been designed and made so that their use is very comfortable and safe. Because of its intended use mobile sockets  they are tight and resistant to external factors. The robust housing protects the electrical components from getting inside. Drum extension cord  it's also a great way to avoid tangled wires and keep the cable in check.

Przedłużacz Kemot URZ3122 bęben 4 gniazda 50m

Drum extension with thermal fuse

Depending on what work you will do and how far you have  to a power outlet  (the longer the cable, the larger the field of action) select reel extension cord  with a specified cable length. The same with the power outlets on the drum. The reel extension cord that we offer today has as many as four places to which you can connect the necessary devices. It's a good quality extension cord for external use (IP44). The cable was covered with rubber and wound on a mobile drum.  The cable length is 50 meters . The product is fully compliant with Polish standards, certified.  Attention: Thermal fuse (56 +/- 5). To restart, press the red button (after cooling).

Przedłużacz z bębnem Kemot URZ3122


 Number of outlets: 4
 Length: 50m
 Grounding: yes
 Cable: 3x 1.5mm2
 Max voltage: 250V / 50Hz
 Rated voltage: 230V
 Degree of protection: IP44 (external)
 Thermal fuse: yes
 Max. load:
 - with the cable 3200W / 13.9A unrolled
 - with the cable wound up: 1100W / 4.8A

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