BRITA P1000 filter cartridge

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The P 1000 filter cartridge fits all three-way batteries and the On Line Active Plus system.

Wkład filtrujący BRITA P1000

 The unique filtering technology used in the P1000 cartridges reduces the content of scale and substances that adversely affect taste and smell, such as chlorine, lead and copper, which are often found in home installations. You can always enjoy pure water with a great taste. This technology also protects other home appliances from scaling.

Wkład filtrujący BRITA P1000

 The efficient insert takes up little space under the sink and can be used for three to six months, depending on the hardness of the local water.

Wkład filtrujący BRITA P1000

 - The cartridge can be used with the On Line Active Plus system and three-way filter batteries
 - Suitable for recycling

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