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F37 HC-3016
You can go cycling all year round, regardless of the weather

Rower stacjonarny HC-3016

Training without a subscription, without leaving home, without commuting, without excuses.

Bike training  at home he doesn't need any special preparation, you just get on and start pedaling. Regardless of the weather, physical activity throughout the year.  Riding a bicycle  landline has lots of advantages, strengthens the circulatory system,  improves organ efficiency,  increases lung volume , strengthens joints and cartilage, slims and develops muscles. Especially  shapes the legs , belly and buttocks. And this is such an absorbing exercise that we can read or watch a movie.

Rower stacjonarny HC-3016

 Do not hesitate, treat yourself to relaxation combined with physical activity, without leaving home.

Rower stacjonarny HC-3016

Fitness at home

If you want to  slim your calves , remove the tire, improve the appearance of the buttocks  and strengthen your immunity, make yourself cycling at home. exercises  on such a bike they also allow you to calm down and relax. Our  stationary bike F37 HC-3016  will provide you optimal exercises,  tailored specifically for you. Regardless of the weather outside, you can ride a bicycle  and keep fit until next season.

Rower stacjonarny HC-3016

 Data displayed on the monitor:
 Exercise time
 Distance traveled
 Burned calories

Rower stacjonarny HC-3016


Dimensions: 102 × 70 × 38 cm
Equipment:Polish instructions and receipt or fv (warranty basis).
Saddle adjustment:57 - 80cm
Use weight:max 110 kg.
Weight:9 kg

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