9H tempered glass screen phone for Samsung S5

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Szkło hartowane na telefon

Tempered glass for the phone is a great solution to protect your phone screen. Incomparably stronger cover than popular foils. After removing the glass after a few years, the smartphone display looks like new.

Szkło hartowane na telefon
Illustrative photos . Here we buy glass dedicated to the phone Samsung S5

Szkło hartowane na telefon
This specially reinforced glass  was created to provide the best protection for your phone screen against serious scratches and damage. Is 3 times stronger than ordinary foil , which means that even sharp objects such as a knife, keys cannot scratch it.

Szkło hartowane na telefon
Our glass has 9H hardness , which in practice means that after the phone falls on the screen, we are sure that it will not break. 100% transparency and a reduction of screen dirt by 70%. The foil has UV filters and supports visibility in full sun.

Szkło hartowane na telefon
100% transparent, extremely resistant to scratches. It has an Oleophobic layer that prevents smudges and fingerprints. It protects the display against breaking and at the same time does not change the colors and sharpness on the screen. High glass sensitivity.

Szkło hartowane na telefon
Here we buy glass for Samsung S5 . Below is a photo of the real product.

Szkło hartowane na telefon

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