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Are you going on a long journey?

Nawigacja GPS Blow GPS50V Europa

Everyone recommends BLOW GPS50V navigation.

If you travel long routes, it is difficult to navigate without navigation. Thanks  navigation you can quickly plan the most economical route. And if you are going on a sightseeing trip, you will find yourself with navigation along the way tour route  and you'll be able to enjoy the scenery. There is a lot of navigation on the market, they differ in their housing, size, mode of operation and the number of functions at their disposal. Before you make a decision, decide what you need the most? In our opinion, the most important are uploaded maps, screen size, memory and quality of handles. That is why many drivers choose  BLOW GPS50V navigation.

Nawigacja GPS Blow GPS50V Europa

Why do we focus on GPS navigation of the known BLOW brand?

Blow  is a well-known brand on the market for a long time.  Navigation GPS50V  has a five-inch touch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. The device is equipped with a microSD card reader, a 1 W speaker and a miniUSB 2.0 port. In addition, we can use external memory cards. The Polish menu makes navigation much easier. Navigation can also be used with AutoMapa or other maps. The device reads photos saved in GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP formats.

Nawigacja GPS Blow GPS50V Europa
 Below the real photos:

Nawigacja GPS Blow GPS50V Europa
 Detailed description:
 CPU: MStar, ARM Cortex A7 800MHz
 SDRAM: 128 MB
 NandFLASH: 4 GB
 LCD display: TFT 5.0 ”touch panel with 800 x 480 pixel resolution
 USB: MiniUSB High Speed ​​2.0 port
 External memory: TF / microSD card slot
 Audio system: Built-in 1W 8 Ohm speaker
 GPS Cold start: & lt; 42 seconds (open space)
 Warm start: & lt; 9 seconds (open space)
 Average start: & lt; 18 seconds (open space)
 Battery: Lithium-ion 3.7 V
LEDs : When the charger is connected, the red LED lights up while the battery is charging. When the battery is charged, the blue LED lights up with the charger connected

Nawigacja GPS Blow GPS50V Europa
A set of navigation maps  MapFactor Free based on Opeen Street Source license. Software updates are free and permanent. Map updates for Poland are currently published approximately every 3-4 weeks. The application on mobile devices works offline - it does not download any data from the Internet.

 Due to the limitations of the internal memory capacity, the device has installed maps of the following European countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, United Kingdom. In order to extend the map to other countries, or if they are updated, download them from: If you are installing more territories, you may need to use a micro SD memory card. Navigation can also be used with AutoMapa or other maps, the device is not locked.

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