Ubiquiti AirMax Sector 5GHz - 16dBi / 120


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AirMax dual sector antennas are designed to work with AirMax devices using the 802.11n standard.

Ubiquiti AirMax Sector 5GHz - 16dBi/120

 The use of the latest, patented technical solutions has made it possible to obtain excellent performance parameters such as high energy gain, optimal radiation beam shape and high level of separation (min 22 dB) between differently polarized beams.

Ubiquiti AirMax Sector 5GHz - 16dBi/120

 Antennas are equipped with dedicated mounts for Rocket M devices and two high-quality antenna pigtails with waterproof covers. Thanks to the structure designed in such a way, the construction of a high-class 2x2 MIMO Point to Multipoint base station has been simplified to the maximum.

Ubiquiti AirMax Sector 5GHz - 16dBi/120

 Integration of the Rocket M device with dual sector AirMax antennas

 AirMax sector antennas have been specially designed in such a way as to facilitate their installation with Rocket M devices to the maximum. Installation of all elements of the AirMax system does not require the use of any additional elements and means - the mounting elements of Rocket M devices correspond to dedicated mountings used for AirMax antennas.

Ubiquiti AirMax Sector 5GHz - 16dBi/120

Ubiquiti AirMax Sector 5GHz - 16dBi/120


Antenna:sectoral dual
Connector:2x RP-SMA
Frequency range:4.9-5.9 GHz
Profit:15-16 dBi
Polarization:vertical / horizontal
Resistance:for wind: 53m / s
Radiation angle:in a coat. vertical 8st for 6dB, in the coat. vertical 137 degrees in H polarization for 6 dB 118 degrees in V polarization for 6 dB
Warranty:24 months

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