5m HD / 3D HDMI cable

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5m HD/3D
Red Eagle

Kabel HDMI 5m

High-quality HDMI cables from RED EAGLE offer the best method of transmitting audio and video data in Full HD (1080p) mode available on the market. They are ideal for connecting projectors, plasmas, LCD TVs, monitors and other devices equipped with HDMI ports. Red EAGLE HDMI cables meet the latest standards. They are made of OFC oxygen-free copper and are fully shielded, thanks to which they provide optimal picture and sound quality without interference. They are characterized by very high precision of workmanship.

Kabel HDMI HD 3D 500cm

Top-class HDMI cable
Suitable for connection to Projectors, Plasma, LCD TV, PC Monitors etc.

Kabel HDMI Red Eagle 5 metrowy


Ofc:Oxygen Free Copper - no oxygen access, so the cables are not exposed to its operation
Screen:Fully-protected against magnetic fields and other disturbances

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