Maclean PinPoint MCE120 waterproof metal detector


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Do you want to find a treasure?

Maclean PinPoint MCE120

Types of metal detectors

You know how we divide metal detectors ? There are two main parameters by which we can divide this device. Division by application: amateur, industrial, professional. And by type: BFO (so-called rumble detector ) - They work on the principle of changing the generator vibration frequency due to the presence of metal in the coil range. PI (so-called pulse detector ) - their disadvantage is the inability to distinguish between types of metals. VLF, VLF-TR ( detector with a balanced receiver coil ) - these are detectors operating at a low frequency in the transmitter - receiver system.  Modern detector  metal is quite widely used. It is used to locate electric wires and cables in finding hidden deep metal objects from past eras. And in everyday life it is useful to find lost items (jewelry, coins, metal trinkets). Large static metal detectors  we will also find, among others, at airports, offices, banks and other institutions of public use.

Maclean PinPoint MCE120

Which metal detector will be best for me?

If we decide to  purchase of a detector , first of all we need to answer the question, for what purpose are we going to use it? If you need it for home use, a simple amateur detector will prove to be a good purchase. The same applies to people who are just starting their adventure with treasure hunt . The most important parameters in each detector are; weight, probe, battery, speaker. Maclean PinPoint MCE120 waterproof metal detector  it is fully waterproof and has a wide 360 ​​° detection area.

Maclean PinPoint MCE120

 High sensitivity, so it detects even these fine lumps. The detector has a built-in LED flashlight that facilitates penetration of the area. It signals the detection of metal elements with a vibration alarm and an LED. The LED will also signal us the battery is running low. The holster allows the detector to be attached to e.g. a belt

Maclean PinPoint MCE120


Button:ON / OFF + LED flashlight
Length:175 mm
Power:9V battery (also available for purchase from us)
Product number:MCE120
Signaling: LED / Vibration
Thickness:43 mm narrows to 20mm
Water resistance:YES
Weight:168g (without battery)
Warranty:2 years
Working time:on battery: Carbon: approx. 12 hours, Alkaline: approx. 22 hours, Battery: approx. 6 hours

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