VERSA-MCU wireless system controller


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Kontroler systemu bezprzewodowego VERSA MCU
- support for up to 30 MICRA system detectors
 - support for up to 30 433 MHz pilots
 - superheterodyne radio receiver.
 - cooperation with VERSA exchanges
 - tamper contact reacting to opening the housing and detaching from the ground
 - programming controller settings through the control panel service menu and DLOADX software
 - software update without disassembling the device
 - small housing for easy installation anywhere
 - dimensions: 24 x 110 x 27mm

Kontroler systemu bezprzewodowego VERSA MCU

 The VERSA-MCU wireless system controller is an extension module dedicated to the Satel alarm control panels from the VERSA family. The controller expands the functionality of the control panels with support for wireless devices and enables remote operation of the alarm system using remote controls. The device is compatible with all wireless detectors and keyfobs manufactured by Satel, which operate at 433Mhz. The transmission of the signal sent from the remote control to the control panel is secured by a dynamically changing KeeLoq code, which guarantees efficient system management.

 The process of programming the VERSA MCU wireless system controller settings is carried out using the VERSA control panel service menu and the DLOADX application. The possibility of performing a software update in a similar way, i.e. without the need to disassemble the device, is an additional advantage of the VERSA-MCU wireless system controller.

 The place of installation of the VERSA MCU controller should be enclosed rooms in which the air humidity level is kept at a normal level. The device maintains the greatest efficiency by operating at a distance from existing electrical installations that can interfere with the proper operation of the controller.

 The VERSA MCU wireless system controller, thanks to its properties and compatibility with all VERSA control panels with software 1.03 or higher, will successfully complement any alarm system, effectively expanding it with additional wireless inputs.

Kontroler systemu bezprzewodowego VERSA MCU

 Description of terminals:
 COM - mass
 + 12V - power input
 CLK - clock
 DAT - data
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Dimensions:cases: 24x110x27mm
Detectors operation:MFD-300, MMD-300, MPD-300, MSD-300
Environment class:2
Frequency bandwidth of remote controls and wireless detectors:433.05 / 437.79 / MHz
Number of pilots supported:thirty
Number of supported detectors:thirty
Power consumption:in standby 24 mA, max 29 mA
Relative humidity:max 93 +/- 3%
Supported remotes:MPT-300, P-2, P-4. T-1, T-2, T-4
Supply voltage:12 V DC
Working temperature:-10 ° C to 55 °

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