Q55B electric cigarette filling machine

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Elektryczna maszynka do papierosów Q55B z akcesoriami

Is rolling your own cigarettes complicated?

Smokers are still tormented by excise tax increases.  Cigarette prices  are still growing, but we have a way. Because if you have to smoke, do it so that it hits the pocket as little as possible.  Rolled cigarettes  from tobacco and cores bought separately more than half cheaper than a pack of pipes  bought at the kiosk. Do not worry that this task is complicated and laborious. It is true that you need a little practice, but it will come over time. The most important advice we can give is not to throw too much at once  tobacco for the filling machine . And tobacco, tobacco is a very important thing, let's not go for quantity and tanzania .. These  cheapest tobacco  they are usually tasteless and very heavy. Do not buy large bags at once, the tobacco dries quickly and crumbles and then it is very difficult to twist it a good cigarette.

Elektryczna nabijarka papierosów Q55B

Which cigarette filler should you choose?

We recommend  electric rammer Q55B  from Gerui. The mallet, which is very important, has a system adjust the density of filling the cigarette . When choosing thimbles (paper tube for filling in punching machines) pay attention to their size, this machine is adapted to the thimble  with a diameter of 8 mm. In addition to adjusting the density, the machine also has a special anti-slip mat on the bottom of the device. Made of high quality materials and very easy to use. A special container in the machine will greatly facilitate our work. With this tool you will make a pack of cigarettes in a few minutes. And you will save a lot of money.

Elektryczna maszynka do nabijania papierosów Q55B

 Technical description:

 - 230V / 7.5DC mains supply
 - weight: 300g
 - dimensions: 15.3 x 7 x 6.4cm


 - cigarette filler
 - AC adapter
 - brush and spatula for cleaning

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