Paint thickness gauge steel, galvanized aluminum


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What instrument will be irreplaceable during negotiations?

Miernik grubości lakieru Blue Technology MGR-11-S-AL

Does the varnish meter recognize the type of surface?

When buying a car  on the other hand, you never know if the car is accident-free or so well done that you can't see anything. Assurances of the seller sometimes go wrong, and this is about a kilometer. To be sure and not to be deceived, you should consult a specialist or go shopping with  handheld varnish meter. AND what meter is worth buying , with a probe or a built-in probe? In our opinion, those in which the probe is placed on the cable are more convenient to use. You will measure then varnish thickness  anywhere on the body. Let's also remember that everyone solid varnish thickness sensor  should have a calibration or zeroing function

When to calibrate the paint meter?

calibration  (zeroing) of the sensor is always carried out when:
 - a varnish sensor has just been purchased;
 - the sensor has not been used for a long time;
 - in winter, the paint sensor should be calibrated outdoors when it was at room temperature before;
 - whenever we suspect that the sensor is measuring incorrectly.
 The MGR-11-S-AL varnish thickness gauge automatically detects the type of substrate by communicating on the display:
 "FE" - for steel and galvanized steel surfaces
 "AL" - for aluminum surfaces

Miernik grubości lakieru MGR-11-S-AL w opakowaniu

Paint thickness gauge MGR-11-S-AL  automatically detects the type of substrate by communicating on the display:
"FE"  - for steel and galvanized steel surfaces
"AL"  - for aluminum surfaces
 The meter has a large, legible and backlit screen. The backlight stays on continuously for 15 seconds, then the backlight automatically goes out. Built-in function of freezing the measurement result on the screen and sound signaling of the number of layers and putty at a rate of 3 measurements per second make this meter really worth recommending. The powerful LED flashlight built into the meter is already the real icing on the cake.

Miernik grubości lakieru MGR-11-S-AL zdjęcia podczas pracy

Sound signaling of layer and putty thickness:

- one short beep - suggests that the item has original varnish
 - two beeps - suggests that the element has been painted a second coat of varnish
 - one long beep - suggests that the element was leveled

Miernik grubości lakieru MGR-11-S-AL podczas użytkowania

 Below is a photo of the real set:

Miernik grubości lakieru MGR-11-S-AL zdjęcie real zestawu

 Measurement on steel, galvanized steel and aluminum
 Measuring range from 0 to 1990 µm
 Measurement resolution: 10 µm
 Probe on 80 cm cable
 Large backlit display
 Built-in LED flashlight
 Two operating modes (continuous measurement / HOLD function)
 Sound hint system
 Power supply: 2 x 1.5V (we recommend alkaline batteries, e.g. LR6)
 Working time up to 100 hours
 Operating temperature from -20 ° C to 40 ° C
 Automatic power off after two minutes of inactivity
 Calibration and calibration plates included
 The device has a CE certificate
 24 month warranty
 Polish product

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