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Mikrofon wokalny Voice Kraft VK-605

 What is the difference between vocal microphones?
 Microphones are divided into two types - dynamic and capacitive. Dynamic is a microphone for live performances, lower sensitivity than capacitive, which is used mainly in the studio. This does not mean that dynamic is never in the studio, sometimes it works better with a given vocal. And now you can become a vocalist, lead a karaoke evening, become a leader or conduct a street interview. Anything is possible with such a microphone. Inexpensive, and thanks to its functionality and design, this VK 605 microphone belongs to the group of unique Voice Kraft microphones.

 Anyone recommend a Voice Kraft vocal microphone?
 With a clear conscience, we recommend this unique microphone. The best features of the Voice Kraft Vk 605 microphone are, above all, a filter that eliminates the "puffing" effect into the microphone, blocking if necessary, effective elimination of acoustic coupling, a coil eliminating electromagnetic interference and an anti-vibration capsule that provides very effective suppression of mechanical noise. And the look, all black with a metallic head.

Mikrofon Voice Kraft VK-605 w opakowaniu producenta
 Set contains:
 - black microphone
 - XLR quick-release handle
 - XLR - JACK 6.3 mm connection cable
 - VAT invoice or receipt (warranty basis)

 Technical data:
 Dynamic transducer
 Cardioid characteristics
 Frequency range 50 - 15,000 Hz
 Sensitivity in free field without load at 1 kHz -54.5 dBV / Pa
 Nominal impedance 300 Ohm
 Minimum input impedance (amplifier) ​​1000 Ohm
 XLR-3 connection
 Weight 298 g
 Dimensions 51 x 162 mm

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