USB x500 8LED digital microscope

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Throw away the magnifying glass, buy a microscope

Mikroskop na USB

We present a microscope that can be connected to a computer

Why is this useful? tiny microscope ? Thanks to it, we don't have to strain our eyes staring at the magnifying glass when we want to see, for example, all the components of a device. This is just one example, and yet such microscope connected to the computer  is an invaluable tool, applicable in various presentations, workshops, trainings, lessons, lectures.

Mikroskop na USB

USB interface in the microscope  will allow you to connect it to your computer, which will give us item preview on the monitor . This will allow us to observe small enlarged objects, e.g. plants, insects, minerals, jewelry, coins, postage stamps, banknotes, electronic components.

Mikroskop na USB

The 500x USB digital microscope is a great learning aid

USB microscope  works as a learning aid not only for children or students, it is an ideal tool for working in electronic services, jewelry workshops or in the conservation of works of art. Digital microscope  500x USB provides smooth zoom adjustment in the range from x50 to x500. And thanks to the built-in eight SMD diodes it works even in very poor lighting conditions. The light intensity can be adjusted using a potentiometer.

Mikroskop na USB

500x USB digital microscope  can be held in your hand or placed on a special tripod available in the set. Metal chrome tripod  it's greater stability of the microscope during operation, while its articulated arm will allow us to set the lens axis at the right angle. Not only that, this device will also allow us to take pictures, we can do it through software or a button on the device.

Mikroskop na USB


 Digital microscope
 CD (drivers and manual)
 Fv or receipt (warranty basis)

Mikroskop na USB


Colour:black lacquered
Compatible:software: TWAIN / VFW / Direct Show AP (Driver)
Controller:High Speed ​​DSP
Dimension:110 mm X 34 mm
Format:AVI 30fps, JPEG
Interface:USB1.1 & USB2.0
Lighting:White LED x 8 with adjustable light intensity
Photos: via software or a button on the device
System:Operating: Windows 7 (8), Windows XP, Windows 2000, Vista x86
Software language:English
Sharpness: up to 10 mm
Zoom ratio:50X - 500X

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