MIK0041 portable microphone sound system

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 Are you squeaking thinly?

Azusa MIK0041

Perfect sound system in every situation

There are situations when you need a strong voice. Trips, outdoor events and events in large halls, lecture in a large assembly hall, excursion, fitness classes ... Such situations can be multiplied. In order not to tear your throat out, shouting will be useful voice amplifier . You can buy  megaphone but it is difficult to practice with a megaphone in hand. In such situations, they prove to be irreplaceable equipment portable voice amplifiers . Perfect for such situations. They are small, handy and very comfortable to use. Like nothing microphone and speaker , and such a set can reduce the speaker's effort and reach the furthest listeners.

Azusa MIK0041

Weddings, name days and other events only with a portable voice amplifier

The set consists of voice amplifier with speaker  put on the belt. Head microphone  or clipped to the clothes, non-binding movements. The speaker can move his head freely, without losing the range of the microphone. The charger for charging the equipment together with the set is packed in a convenient case. The manual is entirely in Polish and the manufacturer's warranty covers two years. Invoice or receipt to choose from. The set is very easy to use. only need to connect the microphone to the speaker  and we can already use the microphone to transmit messages. The device must be protected against water.

Azusa MIK0041


 - Amplifier with belt speaker
 - Head microphone
 - Clip microphone
 - Charger
 - Case
 - Polish instruction
 - Manufacturer's warranty 24m
 - Fv or receipt

 Technical description:
 Distortion: 5% max at 2W output
 Frequency response: 50 Hz 12KHz
 Power supply: AA x 8 batteries (not included).
 Rechargeable batteries can be used.
 12VDC, 200mA charger included

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