Voltage converter 12V / 230V 500W Volt IPS500 PLUS

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The IPS electronic voltage converter series is used to supply electrical devices requiring 230V alternating voltage from batteries and automotive installations with a direct voltage of 12V. The converters are ideal for places where it is not possible to directly connect to the power grid.

Przetwornica Volt IPS500 PLUS

 The IPS series converters produce so-called modified sine wave. It is an alternating voltage with a square wave, whose effective value is identical to the effective value of the sinusoidal wave occurring in the power network. By using this method of voltage generation, it is possible to significantly reduce the price and increase the reliability of the entire device.

 Converter equipped with a terminated cable car lighter plug  and a nest USB .

Przetwornica Volt IPS500 PLUS

 In the set FV or receipt, and a written manufacturer's warranty 24m. Complaints submitted directly on the producer's website - CLICK HERE

Przetwornica Volt IPS500 PLUS

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