TR-4D 4-channel video transformer

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The device allows you to process the video signal so that it can be transmitted through a cat. 5 UTP cable with optimal video quality. Used for monitoring systems in conference rooms for video transmission over an 8-core UTP cat.5 cable with four channels simultaneously. It allows for efficient system design and avoiding excessive wiring.

Transformator video TR-4D 4-kanałowy

 - Video signal transmission while eliminating interference;
 - Allows simplifying the installation of cabling networks. Each pair of cores in a cat.5 UTP cable allows transmission of a 1-channel video signal, which gives us 4-channel, simultaneous video transmission using one cat.5 UTP cable;
 - Allows transmission of full-fledged CCTV video signal over a distance of 1500m if used with an active receiver;
 - Built-in interference suppression.

Transformator video TR-4D 4-kanałowy


 - Video band range: DC 8 MHz;
 - CMRR attenuation factor: 60 dB;
 - Impedance: BNC: 75 Ohm; RJ45: 100 Om;
 - Working temperature: from -10'C to 70'C;
 - Storage temperature: from -30'C to 70'C;
 - Suitable for NTSC, PAL, SECAM and CCIR systems.

 Type of wire required:

 - Unshielded twisted pair cat. 5 or higher. Cable quality has a direct impact on image quality and transmission distance.
 - Rated impedance: 100Ω ± 20Ω;
 - Resistance: 18Ω / 100m;
 - Differential capacity: 62 pf / m (max).
Transformator video TR-4D 4-kanałowy

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