PVC wiring duct 17x15mm, 2m


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Kanał PCV 17x15 2m
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Kanał elektroinstalacyjny PCV

Wiring ducts are used to distribute and protect electrical cables in wall installations. Thanks to the specially constructed lock, the wiring strips ensure the reliability of closing the cover and the possibility of easy access to the wires. Wiring strips have high mechanical strength at low and high temperatures. The most modern technology is used in their production, which, combined with the highest quality raw material, gives a durable and reliable product with a smooth and aesthetic surface that is easy to keep clean. Wiring channels can fully cooperate with existing wiring systems on the market.

Kanał elektroinstalacyjny PCV
 W = 17mm
 H = 15mm
 Length - 2 meters

 Used for the production of PVC electrical installation strips, it is characterized by the fact that as a material it has a high mechanical strength coefficient and excellent impact properties, as well as low relative elongation. When stretched, it is medium elastic and highly resistant to pressure.

 Easy welding, welding and gluing of PVC are possible.


Application:Wall installations
Length:2 m
Type:Rigid wiring duct
Working temperature:-20 ° C to 50 ° C

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