Ravanson water pump air conditioner. The KR-1011 water fan

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KR-1011 / 5908293516848
It cannot be permanently installed everywhere

Klimator Ravanson KR-1011 z wbudowaną pompą wodną

Why are mobile air conditioners so successful?

It is not possible everywhere installing air conditioning permanently and then they are the rescue portable air conditioners . It is a perfect solution during hot summer, they are perfect for offices, houses or flats. We can place them wherever it is most convenient for us, and thanks to the fact that they are so mobile, we can move them from place to place. When they are over hot days We can store the air conditioner without dismantling until the next season. Mobile air conditioners Ravanson are characterized by high efficiency, extremely tasteful appearance, small dimensions and low weight, they are mobile and very quiet.

Sterowanie klimatora Ravanson KR-1011

Choose a portable air conditioner, it will cool you better than a fan

The climator of Ravanson KR-1011 has the function of oscillation, cool breeze as well humidification function . The air conditioner works on the principle of water evaporation and therefore provides better a breath of cool air than a traditional fan. This model is equipped with two additional cooling cartridges. Use them as an accessory cooling element on a particularly hot day and you will feel the difference immediately. The air flow in the device is 1200 m3 / h. The air conditioner has a power of 55 W and a water container with a capacity of 5 liters. The device is equipped with wheels for easy transport.
Klimator, wentylator wodny Ravanson

Additional Ravanson air conditioner function is the function of humidification and ionization they make cooled air it is not dry and no bacteria can grow in it. The air conditioner is equipped with a water pump, which, together with air oscillation, ensures high efficiency of the device. The airflow change function allows up to three speed levels and blowing force .


Function:moisturizing-cool breeze
Power:75 W.
Inflation:3 airflow speeds: high / medium / low
Capacity:water tank: 4l
Air flow:410 m3 / h
Weight:4.7 Kg
Dimension:325x290x595 mm
Security:against overheating
Compatibility:EAN: 5908293516848
In the case of electrical equipment, they are provided with a European plug C, E or F.

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