16cm desk fan, stand and Q26 clip


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Does the heat bother you?

Wentylator stołowy 16cm

Are you looking for a bit of relief in these heat? Buy a clip-on windmill

Who among us doesn't love summer? Who doesn't love sun and holidays? But the heat can be a hit, especially when we are forced to stay in rooms without air conditioning. And here rescue fans are. There are plenty of them on the market, from small personal fans to large floor fans. On this page you will buy a pinwheel with a stand. It's perfect for home and office. It will not take up much space and will bring a nice cool to your surroundings. The fan has low noise and is efficient as well as completely safe. Its small dimensions and bright colors will fit into any surroundings.

Wentylator 16cm z podstawką i z klipsem

Strong ventilation, effective mixing and great appearance are the features of this fan

This fan is a nice, blue and white fan to put near you. It spreads cool air and cools the perceptible temperature in your close surroundings. It can be attached with a practical clip to each table top or placed on a non-slip base. The diameter of the protective grille 16 centimeters means that it does not take up much space and you can always have it close to each other. The fan will work perfectly in rooms where there is no air conditioning giving relief in the form of a blow of cool air straight on the face. Make yourself cool on these hard, hot days.

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